Brucker D8 (2004) water flow issue

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Brucker D8 (2004) water flow issue

Post by jryter » 30 Sep 2019, 21:06

We have a Brucker D8 focus diffractometer for doing powders purchased in 2004 I believe that is having cooling water issues.
We hadn't used the instrument for a year as a researcher that was using it went on sabbatical last year. I am currently troubleshooting as I have time this week.
two variables happened about the same time.
The water in the chiller had some algae growth and the board in the computer died (K303-C4 SBC).
The water was cleaned and the system was back-flushed with peroxide and fresh water.
The board was replaced in the CPU.

Now I started to help.
Now there is no water flow when the instrument is started.
We bypassed both solenoids where the water comes in and the xray generator by connecting the tube coming in and out of this area. And the water flows nicely through the Xryay tube. It doesn't flow through either the first solenoid or the x-ray generator solenoid as we tried flowing water through each of these.
So we are pretty sure the solenoids are not opening-there isn't any noise as there should be when they open either. After looking at your posts here it seems that it is likely to be an electrical issue.

We will start to test solenoids by testing voltage coming in and and then try opening them with another voltage source to test that they weren't damaged by poor chiller water quality.
Do any of you have suggestions why they may not be opening particularly with the new board on the CPU. Coincidence that it happened at the same time? Maybe a software update is wrong? Or suggestions for cleaning and testing solenoids before we get wet?
There aren't any other error messages as far as i know other than there is no flow so the instrument stops.

Thanks so much for your insight!
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