Bruker Nonius Microstar / FR591 shutter issue "Clear 1"

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Bruker Nonius Microstar / FR591 shutter issue "Clear 1"

Post by Stenman » 01 Mar 2018, 13:53

Hi and thanks alraeady!

Bruker's service is busy for answering due to staff shortage so I'm trying here..

We have one side of our Microstar RAG slightly malfunctioning in such a way that the shutter 1 opens only for a short time and closes then without an error message, just the button description changes to "Clear 1". Shutter 3 seems to work normally, although we did get shutter fail -errors just recently.

To test the problem, we exchanged the shutter 1 many times (we have three extra shutters) and finally tested the shutter 1 also so that it is connected to shutter 3 slots in the rack. Then it worked, so we suspect there might be a problem in the shutter card in the ELCA. Vice versa, when shutter 3 was connected to shutter 1 positions in the rack, it did not work. Does anyone know what might cause such behaviour? Maybe a faulty shutter board in ELCA?

We have done quite everything told in the manual ald also read the error log from the ELCA with the service program but there was no hint..



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