APEX2 can not home the axes

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APEX2 can not home the axes

Post by albertsuen » 12 Nov 2017, 12:57

Hi everyone~

This is Alber Suen from Yangzhou University. We just take over an old Apex2 (2006) in our facility. We can really use some help on Apex2 connection.

Last week the computer broke down, and the problem seems to be the capacitors on motherboard. We just replaced the motherboard and kept everything else the same (same hard drive). After start the computer, we can connect to BIS but can not drive any axes. The error message tells us to home the axes. But we found out that we lost the connection to the D8 tool as well. Not sure what else to do right now. Any help is appreciated.

Btw, the system found a new hardware "bruker SCSI scanner drive". Not sure what's the function of this. I check the device manager, it says working properly (although it still shows as a question mark in device manager, is this normal?)

Once again, thanks for all the helps.


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Re: APEX2 can not home the axes

Post by dkratzert » 16 Nov 2017, 16:11

Hi Al,

after the motherboard replacement, the system might have switched the assignment of com ports. Please check if all com ports in BCP are correctly assigned. You can just try all possibilities. It will either work or not. Are the com ports even activated in the BIOS of the new board?

The connection to BIS is established over IP network while the connection to the goniometer is via RS232 cable.

The "bruker SCSI scanner drive" you see is the connection to the APEX2 detector. Just leave it as it is. It should work.


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