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The area is an open house for a reason, all is open for chatting and such like and stuff. Treat this area like a conference evening social. You can talk science ask silly questions and be rude and drunk to other scientist who are also rude and drunk. Rude not in a mean way just in like that happy tipsy way. Basically an area to be casual and mellow in! If this area had a theme song it would start with - Making your way in the world today.....
Forum rules
This area is for general chit-chat for "off-topic" postings and for threads that just don't fit into the any other area of the forum. The general forum rules still apply so please observe them.

Please post THEORY, SOFTWARE and HARDWARE related posts in their appropriate areas e.g. shelxl related posts go to the shelx area located in the SOFTWARE area. If you have a CheckCIF issue post that in the CheckCIF area which is located in the SOFTWARE forum > Platon > CheckCIF.
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Post by Marc » 30 May 2020, 10:48

Hi, forum issue test

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