D8 discover with gadds "shut-off circuit closed" problem

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D8 discover with gadds "shut-off circuit closed" problem

Post by agoo » 27 Jun 2019, 11:29

I am getting "shut-off circuit closed" in x-ray generator section of D8Tools with our D8 discover with gadds instrument abandoned for years. That is why when I want to turn HV on it gives me error code=30 on the K760 generator green LCD display. I checked everything (doors switches, tube, tube shutter, back doors switches, tube stand cable, warning lamps and son on ....) but couldn't find the problem. I spend two days already on this but seems it is beyond of my understanding. All X-ray shut down capture registers are clear. In X-ray switch off capture register I see only "X-ray generator off" is red. Only problem is "CFF left door switch" offset register says S657 & S658 are not OK but I don't even have these switches on our enclosure. Any advice how to find the problem?

We have nothing connected to "collision switch" place (red and black pin holes). It is open. Could this causing the problem? If so we will need to purchase collision switches until we get this problem solved. Are these normal on-off switches or something more advanced? Anyone can send a picture of these switches?

I have attached D8Tools sts status log here.

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