Piezo Crystals

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Piezo Crystals

Post by ANevin » 26 Jun 2017, 11:23

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My question is a matter of crystal theory - if I understand correctly, non-centrosymmetric spacegroups are the only ones which can exhibit piezoelectric properties. Is it therefore possible to take an existing crystal of a centrosymmetric nature, and dope it with a chiral molecule to thus change the spacegroup and potentially impart piezoelectric properties to the crystal? Is this an oversimplification, or is it at least theoretically plausible?

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Re: Piezo Crystals

Post by Helge » 10 Jul 2017, 15:42

That depends on what you call "doping". There was a paper in "Science" not too long ago (Science Vol. 353, 2016, pp. 808-811; DOI: 10.1126/science.aaf9135) where people soaked a MOF in a solution of chiral molecules; the result was a crystal of the MOF with the chiral molecules as guests. Even at an occupancy of about 50% that was enough to make the space group chiral and thus determine the absolute structure of the guests. In that case, as I understand it, the resulting crystal should definitely have piezoelectric properties.

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