Visualising solvent accessible voids in OLEX2

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Visualising solvent accessible voids in OLEX2

Post by Anthracen » 11 Oct 2021, 12:11

Hello Everyone,
I use OLEX2 already for some time and I remember (maybe incorrectly) there was a nice feature to visualize solvent accessible voids. I think the map colour was in green (quite unimportant though).
I can visualize e-density and voids under Tools/Maps. There also is the possibility given to choose "calculate solvent accessible void", but whenever I push show void, I only get a printout with the calculated void, but not the visualization.
Additionally, it would be awesome to see the whole channel in one piece, maybe by visualization of the void over e.g. four unit cells. Is that somehow possible?
Thanks for any ideas!

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